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Chord Wizard
Chord Wizard is a magnificent "chord exerciser" and it illuminates every function of a chord.
RhyGen is an unique beat maker that promises you will be enchanted by an endless universe of percussion.
Gemini is our all-in-one music toolkit that can co-create music between you and machine, featuring the best elements of whatever you can imagine.

Co-create music between machine and human

Create music from scratch

Fresh up your inspiration

Transfer your idea to other musical styles

Blend your creativity with our intelligent A.I. system

About Us

We are developing a new territory of edutainment by utilizing a suite of A.I.-enabled music generation tools and programs for benefiting the current and the next generation of music leaners. To stimulate their creativity through our innovate programs, we are committed to not only educating the music learners, but cultivating the next generation of music learners.

Create Music

We designed a novel AI music platform which cultivates human/machine interaction, generating new material to kick-start musical inspiration

Educate Music Learners

We cover most music curriculums through the integration of Al music program services built on human/machine creative collaborations.

Cutting Edge AI System

We are training our A.I. to create, perceive, and resonate with musicians in many stimulating ways

A Few Generated Samples

Get a taste of the music files generated by our cutting edge AI. These samples are created by our unique “Generate From Scratch” feature in a “Romantic and Action soundtrack” style.


Try Our Beta Version

Try out the features of our AI system in our Beta version. Explore new concepts in music and unleash your creativity!

School Alliances

Now Mercury Orbit Music is actively seeking more institutions and schools to participate in our unique AI-enabled music program, featuring our innovative approach to music education, incorporating our AI music generating features into a variety of music curriculums. Presently, five schools in California and eight schools in China are participating in our program. 

We have also been endorsed by two renowned California-based school districts and one-large scale China-based educational institution.

Some Of Our Highlighted Participators

Diamond Bar High School
WEL Education
Sophie Keyu Liu

AI Music Trial Lesson

Are you interested in a free trial music lesson presentation? Select your desired date and time and we will come to your school along with an expert music instructor to present the teaching subject of your choice.

Select your desired date and time from the calendar to reserve a 45 min session, with 15min of Q&A.

(At the present time, we can only offer the Offsite AI music lessons within Los Angles County, Orange County, and Ventura County)

October 2020

Our Events

Trial Lesson Program

Request a free trial music lesson with a music expert on the teach subject of your choice in your area.

When emerging A.I. music embraces Pop music style vocal performances

The World Premium of AI-enabled Pop-style Vocal Performance Course
Location: 2113 Huntigton Dr. San Marino, CA 91108
Date: April 28, 2019
Time: 17:00

Video Collection of AI Music Lessons

Find your desired music learning subject and category, and you can interact with our online music lessons with a series of AI music generation tools.

At the present time, we can only offer the Offsite AI music lessons within Los Angles County, Orange County, and Ventura County.

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News about our upcoming products, latest events and presentations on confererences.

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Middle Scale educational institutions join our program

We are thrilled to pronounce eight middle-scale, educational intuitions in China to join in our global educational alliance.


New participation ASY International Group

We are proud to have ASY International Group to participate in our A.I.-Enabled Music Program.


New sign up with the Commercial Music Department of Diamond Bar High School

We feel privileged to sign up with the Commercial Music Department of Diamond Bar High School , the most prestigious public high school which has been ranked as one of the top accredited schools in all Southern California.

Online AI Music Lessons
(Coming Soon)

Our online A.I. music lessons feature a series of high-quality, online music master classes. Each video clip of classes will be 30 minutes, highlighting organic and personalized integrations of A.I. music generating features with a variety of music learning subjects. At the present moment, we have a category of learning subjects available as described below:

If you can’t find your descried subject in our current category, just email us and we will make it available for you as soonest possible

AI for Good Global Summit
Hosted each year in Geneva the AI for Good Global Summit is the leading United Nations platform for global and inclusive dialogue on AI.

XPRIZE Team Recognition

Mercury Orbit Music is one of the 30 teams recognized in a worldwide   scale by XPRIZE foundation.

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